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Falcon BLK - Founders Edit Exclusive Features

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  • Limited to 20 units

  • CNC parts throughout, from the triple trees, to the pegs

  • Hot Swap - Dual Battery System @4.4KW

  • Quick Charger Included 45 Min*

  • 18HP / 13KW - 40NM @ Motor Shaft
  • Controler and Motor with Flux Weakening Enabled 
  • Unlimited - No Speed or Power Limiters

  • Hand Assembled to order in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Signed by the design team, numbered and certified
  • Factory customization possible, upon request

Founders Edition vehicles are hand built to order in Cleveland Ohio, we will ship directly to your door in the lower 48.  You are welcome to come pick it up at the factory, and meet the team.  This is a very intimate product, and we would love to show you where it is built and the team that built it.  

As every one of these products is built to order, we can accommodate special requests, and customization.

The Falcon is our first US manufactured motorcycle and the first bikes to wear our US WMI (VIN Number) and the first time we will export US made vehicles to other countries.  This marks a serious change in our company's operations.

In addition to being one of the first to own a Cleveland Falcon Electric, you are also helping bring manufacturing to the U.S., by allowing us kickstart sales of our E-Mobility platform.  A huge Thank you from the team!

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