FXx Standard CNC, Black Anodized Triple Tree Set

Regular price $129.00

If you are looking to jump, and seriously thrash your FXx offroad, you need CNC triple trees.  The Stock cast aluminum trees are not designed to take big hits, they flex, and are general purpose trees.  

Light weight, strong, and reduced flex, this kit comes with everything you need to install the triple trees, including raised bar clamps. 

  • 6061 Aluminum top and bottom CNC triple trees
  • Stainless top and bottom clamp bolts included
  • Hardened steel stem is already pressed into the bottom triple tree
  • Cross braced handle bar top clamp with Cleveland Logo for added style and strength
  • 1.5" raise for handle bar bottom clamp
  • All bolts included
  • New bearing and race included
  • New dust seals included
  • Basically everything you need for a bolt on application.