Heist Short Exhaust

The Cleveland SpeedShop Short Exhaust for CCW's Heist is made from Stainless Steel and directly bolts onto the bike with the existing motor and frame mounts.
This exhaust was dyno tuned for performance and sound.  All exhaust systems come with removable baffles, so the customer can tune the sound just right.  For those who want a deep thumper sound, leave the baffling in.  For those who want a raw, loud bark, remove the baffling.

The exhaust comes with everything you need to install it.  We include optional clamp on mounts for the stock heat shield if you choose to retain it.

It is recommended that when purchasing this exhaust you also purchase a full jet kit so the bike can be tuned properly with the new exhaust.  The jet kit is available through the Speed Shop, just click here

If you need an exhaust gasket, we also carry them, link here to exhaust gasket: 

We also make a stainless steel heat shield available here:

Note: some of the images show the exhaust with black exhaust wrap, we also sell the exhaust wrap, it is available separately link directly here:  

All exhausts are strictly for closed course competition/race use only.  Tempering / removing or altering EPA/ARB equipment is illegal for any vehicle that is used on public highways.



Australia Customers please contact:  ClevelandCycleWerks.com.au




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