Cleveland FXr 125cc Pre-Order


Cleveland FXr 125cc 2020 Model Pre-Order 50 state legal (Offroad Only):

Available in Black, Blue and Green:

A fun trail bike without the cramped feeling of a mini bike. The FXr is fitted with 21" wheels and knobby tires.  The FXr features electric and kick start, electronic ignition, dual disc brakes, inverted forks and reliable OHV engine with dual exhaust and gas in frame.  Ideal for single track, smaller jumps and getting out and having fun.

Details:  Digital Dash, 3 pole stator, battery start, turn signals, head light with high/low, tail light, plate mount, longer subframe, inverted forks.  

NOTE:  If you want to ride this unit on-road, you have to take it to your local highway patrol to get it legalized for on-road use.  The bike has all on-road components, but does not come with on-road EPA compliance, so we can only sell it as an off road unit.  

Additionally, we sell 17" Motard Wheel Kits, click here, if you do desire to get smaller, and re-geared wheel sets for payment use / track use.  

Detailed Specifications here:

Cleveland CycleWerks Product Page here:

Pre-Order Terms:

The import tarif hit us hard, as a small company we can not just park 25% of the total cost of this product with the US government.  We have decided to pre-sell the product, so we can continue to import this product, as demand is still very high, as the price and performance is desired by so many consumers.  

Pre-Orders, as soon as we have 52 units sold, we will manufacture and ship the product to the US for distribution.  

Shipping cost is not included from our US Distribution warehouse to your door, we will charge exactly what it cost to ship, typically between $200-$200.  

Pre-Sales are for US CUSTOMERS ONLY!!!! Unless we are contacted to otherwise arrange shipping in advance of order.  

We have been in business for 10 years, this is not some startup scheme, this is simply a way to get more product into the hands of our customers.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us @

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