Main Jets (CCW 250cc)

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These Main Jets will fit all CCW 250cc Motors.  For closed circuit race use only!

This is exactly what it sounds like it is:

#105 Main Jet

#108 Main Jet

If you have performed modification to your motorcycle such as an open exhaust or higher compression, you can not run the bike on the stock jets, it will run lean and hot.  If you motorcycle is in stock form and you want a little more performance, this kit will also give you a slight bump in performance on a stock motorcycle in a race condition.  

If you need an exhaust gasket, we also carry them, link here to exhaust gasket:

All the adjustment you need to tune in your carburetor for performance on the race track.  Altering the jetting on bikes used on public highways is illegal, this item if for closed circuit competition/race use only.  


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